Hi Dennis - thought I'd share the latest incarnation of my folding 1975 Raleigh Twenty Stowaway. (Gallery #2373).

At the time of original posting I'd just fitted a cheap and dirty BMX suicide hub and I'd yet to strip off all the cabling - I'd not actually ridden it so was hedging a little by leaving on all the hub gear paraphenalia... I needn't have bothered...

Anyway - fast forward 2 years - I'm firmly bitten by fixed gear riding, and ride my old ten speed Peugeot beater most of the time. I'm also working on an ultralight 16" fixie Brompton...

The Twenty though, is a lot cleaner and stripped down than before, sporting a handbuilt 16 spoke aero rim laced to an Ambrosio track hub (the BMX wheel was not suited to the bike nor skinny tyres) which makes for smoother less stressful riding. Up front is a real score - a 406 sized recumbent HED carbon aero. This gets plenty of incredulous attention as most 700c-ers can't imagine such trick componentry existing for small-wheeled bikes!

Gearing is 53 > 13 which suits the hilly part of London I live in. Tyres are Mango Stelvios - light and fast with - yay - matching bar tape.

She's a great ride - seriously fast off the lights, and with scalpel-like manoeuverability in the traffic. Fixed gear doesn't have to be all about track frames and old ten speeds as witnessed the odd Moulton, R20, Dahon and Swift you get on the gallery. So here's to the little wheels as well as the big ones.

Thanks again for filling my head (and shed) with bikes! Donation coming your way... huw.gwilliam@gmail.com