Found in a rural bike shop on my travels, this beautiful Bob Jackson track frame (853-tubed, fancy lugs, chrome ends) was afflicted with a less than ideal build. The seat-post was the wrong size (and continually slipping), the chain-line was a mile-out, the drive-train a mish-mash of 1/8˛ and 3/32˛ parts and the bars were modern roadie items - I could go on...

Suffice to say it has been substantially rebuilt as an urban fixie. The drive-train is all Miche track-issue, the seatpost is a snug-fitting Campag aero item and the bars and stem are NOS ITM and Biba respectively. There was nothing wrong with gorgeous Campag aero wheels and they are now wrapped with Conti Gatorskins 25s.

Išve spent a couple of cosy evenings with the needle and thread covering the bars and toe-clips with super-soft honey coloured elk-hide. A limited edition Brooks Swallow saddle tops it of nicely.

Finally, the Burberry top-tube protector adds a hint of tongue-in-cheek Chav-irony

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