Here's another one for the gallery. It's an 80's Univega Supra Sport. It's my second submission, the first one being number 5399 ( )

I picked it up as a frame, headset, chome drop bars, and fork. It had a small dent in the seat tube, a bunch of useless cable guides, and some minor rust. So I dismantled it, took out my snadpaper and my Dremel and went to work.

Ground off all the guides and sanded off all the decals and paint. Used some Bondo to fill in the dent and smooth out some of the spots the braze-ons were, and then got to painting it. I used a lot of Rust-O-Leum paint and primer for this. It's supposed to be my winter bike, so I wanted to get something that was supposed to be weather resistant. 3 coats of primer, 4 coats of paint (the green layer anyway) 2 coats each of the other colors, and then 4 layers of clear coat enamel. I think this should properly withstand anything Wisconsin can throw at it.

As for what it is, it's an 80's Univega Supra Sport. Originally black with red decals. The wheels are my old Mavic CXP-22's with the original Bianchi Pista hubs, Truvativ Elita crankset, shimano 42t chainring, 16t Shimano cog, Truvativ Giga Pipe bottom bracket, the original stem and headset, some no-name seat and seat post, MKS Sylvan pedals and toe clips, no name bars chop 'n' flopped, Dia-Comp 500 front brake, Tektro MTB lever, and blue Vittoria Zaffiro tires.

About the only thing I have left to do to this is to pick up some fenders and a rack for the back. I also need a winter jacket. Looks like those are going to be put off for a few more weeks and a couple more paychecks. But, being the first bike I've built up from the ground up (I had to buy a few new tools) it rides pretty good. Nice smooth ride, straight chainline, and at 42/16, it takes the hills here pretty easily.

Sorry about the lengthy description and story. I'm just pretty happy with what I made. Now, I need to find a new month long hobby!

Thanks for the site!