Dennis, This is my first fixed gear project. It's a 1970 Hetchin (Tottenham, London). There is way too much history to list about these bikes, but I encourage everyone to check out to learn more about the Hetchin tradition and the beautiful craftsmanship that went into each bike. My father purchased this bike from Hetchin himself January 2, 1970 for his 18th birthday and passed it along to me earlier this year. 48/16. Sugino 165 cranks. Mavic CXP 22 Black Wheelset. Mountain Bike Handlebars pulled off of Black B-17 Brooks Saddle. She's simple and beautiful and a true pleasure to ride. I encourage readers to check out the Hetchin website for the great photos and history of these rare and magnificeant frames. Please keep up the great site!

Cullen Traverso St. Augustine, Fl