So heres my bike, YAY! Ride this sucker to school every day around Melbourne. I get a lot of flats which is a bitch, (I think I just go through to much glass) other than that no problems. What tires and tubes do you dudes use? Anyways Frame is an old road from the 80s not sure if its a real Colnargo or not. One guy at a bike shop told me it was original and another dude told me it wasnt some thing about HQ? Im not overly concerned. I fanyone can tell me however that would be interesting to know. Anyways I live inAscot Vale and am looking for some more cats to ride with. I got 3 mates with bikes but they all live on the other side of town, which can be a shit for weeknights. So yeah hit me up if your interested Im mainly into tricks and massive hill skids but whatevs cool. P.S I named him Merlin, after the great wizard. Peace Hugo. _________________________________________________________________ SEEK Salary Centre: What are you really worth? Find out.