Hi Dennis,

Luv yr work, and everyone that contributes. This is my first effort at a fixie that i have built out of mostly cheap 2nd hand stuff for my wife. I enjoying using another man's rubbish that would otherwise get junked. I have made a few components like the calliper drop mount, chain tensioners, pedal bearings caps (hate those crap plastic ones), seat post flutes on a small DIY lathe - luv doing that sort of stuff. All the alloy components were stripped in some nasty stuff from the local chemical supplier, polished on a DIY machine and clear coated in an amazing product called Nyalic. Knacked front wheel i converted to sealed bearings with said lathe. MotoGP fans will recognize the face on the rear wheel. All this and the best summer down here in New Zealand for what feels like 20 years.

Adam Yearsley