Hey there

Some pictures of my fixie. Built up from an early 80's Fukaya (Japanese, but that is about all I have been able to find out about it) that I found on TradeMe (auction site).

The frame is lugged steel, tube maker unknown. When I bought it it was built up with an Ofmega 6 speed rear derailler, Shimano 600 front derailler, shifters and brakes and Sutour Superpe hubs with Arc-en-ciel tubular rims.

The frame was a metallic magenta colour and the paint had crazed and bubbled so much that I had to strip it back to bare metal before giving it the spray can (brake calliper) yellow treatment.

The Gipiemme Techno 416 wheels were another TradeMe score. They rock. They fill up with water. They rock.

I bought a Surly Fixxer for the rear only to find that someone had used loc-tite on the freehub - it wouldn't budge even when jammed in a vice with a long steel bar hanging off the allen key. Mike at Velo on Hobson Street in Auckland re-built the rear with a DuraAce 16 spoke rear hub (a 16 spoke rear hub took some finding) that he machined to fit the Fixxer. Mike rocks.

Aside from the wheels pretty much everything else is as I bought it: Nitto stem, Sakae bars (anatomic so maybe a later addition), Shimano 600 spindles and cranks, Marin seat (non-original and pretty rubbish).

The pictures were taken at the track at Olympic Park, New Lynn, Auckland. God knows if it had a glorious past but I like to think it did.

Michael Auckland New Zealand  jimdog@xnet.co.nz