Hello from Beantown. My name is Shawn and this is technically my first fixed gear. I use to own a '07 rush hour which got swiped, (still bitter), but I only rode that on the freewheel side. To be honest, riding fixed scared the you know what out of me. However, I recently purchased a brand spanken new Schwinn Madison and in typical Shawn form, started changing things up on it. I've more or less forced myself to learn the ins and outs of riding fixed gear and now I couldn't be happier!

As far as the bike is concerned, like I said it's an '08 Madison that was completely stripped down (sweet chrome under that beautiful blue). After using a generic black bullhorn with one tri-brake, and a smaller stem, I decided to cut down the stock drop bars that came with it, put some old grips on it, and use the old stem (mainly because I didn't wnat any black on the bike). Topped the bar off with a caine creek cross top and added origin track pedals. Bought some weinman dp18's dirt cheep at a local shop and tossed some michilin rubber on 'em. Everything else is stock aside from the saddle which is a selle royal erogel seat I bought just cause the stock one was killing me (hope to get a b-17 at some point). Hope to keep adding and taking awaay until I can;t stand it anymore...I love this bike!! That's it from Boston. Love the sight, check it daily, paypal is on the way.

Thanks all, keep riding

-- Shawn Rajchel City Sports (w) 617-423-2015 (c) 617-990-7340