Here's the parts list:

Frame: Catamount dual suspension Front fork: Marzocchi Bomber Z4 Stem/bar/grips: from box of bits Brakes: Avid single digit 7 v-brakes / Avid speed dial 7 levers Wheels: generic cheap 26" Tyres: Schwalbe "Snow Stud" (lots of ice on the roads at this time of year) Pedals: generic spiky flats Drivetrain: XTR cranks / front chainring, Blackburn bashguard, Surly cog on the back with bottom bracket lockring and red threadlock to keep it all stuck together. (no, it's not a track hub, but I've had no problems with anything coming undone since switching to the red needs-a-blowtorch-to-remove threadlock rather than the blue stuff) Chain: purple KMC 410 Gearing: 32/18, because I am a wuss, have a big uphill on my commute home, and need all the help I can get with that amount of tyre drag and snow to plough through.

Yes, it really is a fixed-gear; I rode it as a a singlespeed last summer, but when I heard Sheldon Brown had died, that finally pushed me into putting a fixed back wheel together. Uphills / bumpy flat sections are fine, in some ways easier than with a freewheel -- but downhills are _no fun_ with that gearing..

Location: Calgary, AB, Canada.

(Photos pre-scaled to 750px wide, white balance/etc touched up, in case that helps at all)