I have been riding the same fixed gear conversion for about 6 years until i came across a vintage track frame last summer but unfortunately it couldn't handle the kind of abuse i dished out and broke this fall, after experiencing true track geometry, i couldn't go back to my conversion

so on the suggestion of some friends i decided to look into single speed mountain bikes. i found an older kona unit at the LBS but it was so slow, so one night i laced up my old track hub to a 26 inch rim, i havn't looked back since.

i commute to work on it everyday, and trail ride on the weekends, it is set up as a flip flop but the freewheel has rusted due to its lack of use! i can't wait to lose the brake in the summer time and watch the fixed gear kids mouths drop, backwards circles are fun too~!  joshlikeslife@gmail.com