I just finished the project, nice and cheap, but rides SUPRISINGLY nice,.

80's motobecane super mirage (1020 tubing), shimano sealed BB, sugino MP 170mm cranks, 38/14 chainring/cog (I personally LOVE this ratio) cheap black plastic pedals, chopped aluminum risers, black oury's, SR stem, original weinnman centerpull (scotch brite'd), tektro finger lever w/ parking brake, alex 450 v's, no name hubs, flip flop rear (but I NEVER seem to use the freewheel side), 700cX25 CST comp grey stripe tires, FiiZik saddle.

these are the "before paint" pix, I will post the "after paint" pix in a month or so when I get it finished: if you like custom paint jobs, you'll like what I have planned.

I ride this everyday to work and back and just love it.

I dropped some paypal goodness off on the way in, thanx for the great site.


"If it's stupid, but it works,....it's no longer stupid!"

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