Hi Dennis-

I have finally built something that I want to show in the gallery - the idea started with the Devo 'energy dome hat' headset spacers - i thought itd be better to build the whole bike! I took the pictures today...a high of -1 degrees...as soon as it warms up a bit its time for a ride. Its my 06' Lemond Filmore - American steel welded in Waterloo WI by the great people at Trek. The bike is abnoxious - much like its name sake who I am a fan after all these years. "A lot of people just dont think Devo is cool anymore... It takes courage to be a Devo fan these days! " Thanks to Bob and Paul for helping with the paint and wheels...

44/16 gearing Bonty Race XXX fork - nice n smooooth Velocity Wheels - repainted Velocity Wheels - repainted 2 brake levers- one is a brake- the other will be hooked to a bell.

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