Hi all,

This is a 'KenEvans' track bike i have just brought - Ken Evans being a well known Australian frame builder. It was supposedly owned by Kenrick Tucker, also a successful Ozzie rider. I am guessing it is circa 1990 since it carries a world champ sticker with this date, if anyone knows anything about this rig i would love to hear from you. I haven't weighed it but my god its light and skinnier than Naomi Campbell, check out those clearances. Previous owner has unfortunately welded an evil derailer hanger onto the RH drop in order to do some time trials; I'll take the grinder to that shortly. It has a lovely chunky campy head set and just as lovely Shimano aero seat post of some sort. On the SR Royal cranks it came with a massive 57 tooth front, 17 rear which i have changed out to 50/17 so i can get it out my driveway. Flopped and chopped Cinelli something's, its really a bit small for me but am rapidly falling in love with it.


Adam Yearsley

New Zealand