Hey Dennis, I acquired this 2005 (or 2006? I forget) Kona Unit singlespeed in January from a shop in Minnesota that went out of business. I wasn't really looking for a new bike but the price was too good to pass up.

Pretty much stock but I sold the original bars, saddle and pedals. Replaced with Surly Torsion bar, a Fizik Aliante saddle and some Time Atac pedals. I bolted a TomiCog on the disc side of the rear hub and that was all it took. The easiest conversion to fixed that I've ever done! Gearing is 34/17.

Fixed on the singletrack around Traverse City is a blast but I've been switching over to the freewheel side on rough and technical descents around Marquette, MI. I take a beating on rocky descents with the steel fork but I'm grinning from ear to ear!

Photos were taken on the VASA singletrack trail near traverse City.

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