Dear Dennis, This is my first fixed gear cycle which you may see being pedaled in and around Weston-super-Mare, England. It was a "Haro 'Mary' SS" 29er which is a rare beast in England and even rarer having been converted. Ready for the science bit? The on-one Mary handlebars didn't come with the tassels so in a strop I took them off and replaced them with a set of Nitto B2500's, iced with cork grips. The next to go was the Wellgo pedals I found sloppy on really bad terrain/the cycle route at Cwm Carn, Newport, and, despite being temped by Atom Lab Slim Jims, I replaced them with Law Moto pedals. Most important was the replacement of the the rear hub made tricky by the disc brake. The bolt on cogs stop at 19t so was out of the question. I found the Polish hub on the net, ordered it, and discovered it is a screw on and not a cassette as I hoped, so I may change it for an Echo, dependant on the flange width. My Hope M4 disc brakes superseded the Shimano cable disc brakes and Halfords supplied a racing saddle I hope to swap for a Brooks.

Yours Sincerely

Robert Sloan,

Mr. Robert Sloan.