Hello from AZ! This is my fixed gear converted bmx bike. I started with a bare GT dyno frame, added a lugged 20-inch fork from a centurion musclebike, and sprayed both army green. Then came the GT 3-spoke mags with kenda krackpot green tires with JB-welded 13 tooth dura-ace cog on the rear. I converted the cranks from 1 to 3-piece with some no-name vintage cranks (52 tooth chainring). The gear ratio is high because I had to compensate for the smaller wheels and tires. i used a piece of 1/2 inch steel from home depot for the seatpost, and I found the tall stem in an old bike fogey's parts bin. They give the rider a stance similar to a road frame. I flipped a set of cruiser bars for a bullhorn-ish look.

This bike is a blast- responsive, easy to ride, and fast as hell! I strongly recommend building a 20-inch fixie to anyone thinking about it. 20-inch frames and parts can be had anywhere for cheap. Also, most bmx bikes have perfectly horizontal dropouts, just like a track frame. A friend of mine once said a bmx fixie was "the thing that should not be". Now he rides it every chance he gets.

Dustin Cocco Tailor-made bicycles Tempe/Chandler AZ

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