1960 Omelenchuk Original, Unrestored (overhauled 2006)

Before there was "drillium" and "hot rodding" there was Michigan builder George Omelenchuk (1920-1994), a very skilled machinist, tool and die maker, watch maker, photographer (he used to photograph during active duty and developed/processed his own photos in a small tent using his helmet for a developer and stop bath!) and all-around renaissance man.

George's vocation brought him to cycle building when he was in the Army during WW2, and produced his own cycles for the Army cycling team during that time. He fabricated complete frames and components for his racing cycles, and built 50 or so cycles over his lifetime. When I say _complete_ I mean COMPLETE! He fabricated frame tubing, spokes and rims in his own shop using a proprietary extrusion process, cast and forged stems, fork crowns, dropouts, pedals, hubs, bearing races and journals. A complete builder that Herse could not hold a candle to in terms of his comprehensiveness. He even did his own plating and anodizing! His chrome plating appears on the dull side, and George reasoned that over polishing tube sets weakened their case hardening and never polished his own tubing before plating.

This bike is a complete G.O. bike built for his wife, Jeanne who won numerous national and state championships with. It's complete with Omelenchuk components, including tubing, fork crown, rims, spokes, etc.

Components: a.. Omelenchuk tubing (Nervex lugs, BB shell, G.O. Crown) b.. Durax "service course" cranks c.. Lyotard pedals d.. Binda straps/Christophe clips e.. Omelenchuk rims, hubs, spokes f.. Omelenchuk bar/stem g.. Brooks Campagnolo saddle, Campagnolo seatpost w/narrow rail fittings h.. Case hardened (blackened/parkerized) nuts, bolts, fittings I Hope you enjoy.