Hi Dennis and other FGG addicts like me,

This is a New Zealand titanium Allen Speedframe which is a unique TT design that won the world champs in '96, till the controlling body outlawed against triangulated top tubes. I love the aggressive geometry which i made more radical by changing front fork and wheel out to a 650C. It is actually very comfortable to ride, i find it rarely necessary to get out of the saddle (since your nearly standing up anyway!). Components of interest are the back wheel which is also a NZ made item called a 'Lollipop' from the early 90's. I found it 2nd hand and unwanted with the ugliest grey vinyl on it under which i could see the holes. It is some sort of carbon/foam construction, the whole thing is completely flat and is 20mm thick. I modified the back hub by machining off the cassette thread and had a local machine shop, for a box of beer, re-machine the thread for a track cog and LH lock ring. Then recovered it in foil vinyl for bit of bling since the carbon was marked and dinged. The bars and stem are a Cinelli integrated unit i found on ebay, stripped the powder coating off and polished up. The front calliper is a way cool DuraAce AX from the late 80's/90's, which is art itself. I have the rear one adorning my desk at work. The cranks are an old banged up set of Campy Chorus i stripped back, drilled some holes in and polished up, i have the matching campy pedals for which i am hunting for some new dust caps (how come nobody sells these??). Being a time trial bike it had absolutely vertical drop outs which left me with no means of chain adjustment so after much scratching of the head and balls i came up with an eccentric adaptor which involved cutting the axle down to 120mm so it finished 5mm inside the frame. The adaptor acts as the rest of the axle but the skewer is offset to 1 side of the axle meaning some useful adjustment is readily available by loosening the skewer and rotating the outer adaptor. Again all of this stuff is done on a little DIY lathe and set of vernier callipers.

Sorry about the indoor photo's, weathers turned to crap here.



New Zealand