Hi Dennis,

Hello from Barcelona, Spain. First of all thanks for the great site. I check it out every day. It's endless entertainment. You should have received my paypal contibution by now.

This bike is a conversion from a road bike owned by my father. I don't know what it is due to the fact that the frame was repainted for the first time 15 years ago leaving no trace of who the manufacturer is. I only know that it was bought around 1978-79. (If anyone can guess let me know! rnartus@yahoo.com)

I've kept the original pivo road handlebars and the original Apex cranks and chainring. I replaced the wheels with a pair of 700cc Velocity deep Vs with continental tires. The pedals are MKS Sylvans, the front brake Shimano Sora with a Tektro break lever. The hub is a White Industries ONE seeing that the frame has vertical drops.

This bike means a lot to me and gets me to work and back and all round Barcelona. It's fast and a joy to ride.

Take it easy,