Hello, Hello-

This is my great-great grandfather's bike from 1896!  Yes, it's that old, and the crazy part is the frame is made out of cast aluminum, it was made by the Lu-Mi-Num company in St. Louis.  Their logo is cast in the head tube.  For some perspective on age, the Wright brothers first flight was 6 years after this bike was built, (first flight was in 1903).  I understand this to be one of the first aluminum bicycles ever made.  The rims are original and made of wood.  They are quite wide and set up for tubulars much wider than anything made today- Wheel Size: 27".  The bike is fixed and uses a skip tooth chain.  The saddle is a new Brooks B-17 special.  The lamp on the front is a "Cyclops" brass kerosene lamp made by the Manhattan Brass Co. in 1896.  The last little accent are the handmade wooden valve caps, made by a colleague of mine.

Thanks for looking! - Matt from Des Moines, Iowa.