Couldn't pass up this frame from Mark at the Hand Made Show last month since it was EXACTLY my size and my first good road frame in '91 was from Mark. Still got that frame, rode it last week and probably 50,000 miles during the '90s. So, when I saw this, well, I was done for.

I had all these parts on another frame...all except for the rims that I powdercoated and swapped out on the other wheels. The plan is to get some track time this year in Detroit, and who knows where else. If I'm going to win the 85+ Masters Worlds I'd better get training...only got 22 years to practice.


2008 Mark Nobilette Track Frame and Fork 56x57

Campagnolo Record Pista crankset and '99 Ti seatpost

Fyxomatosis 51T chainring and EAI 17 alloy cog

Phil Wood bottom bracket - FSA Headset

Phil Wood single fixed low flange hubs

DT db spokes/alloy nipples

Black powder Velocity Fusion rims

Cinelli Grammo Ti stem, Cinelli bars, Regal Saddle

Worn out Michelins and last year's chain