This is my new fixie. I just finished putting it together yesterday, and took it out for my first ride for Critical Mass last night, and I am fully satisfied.

I picked up the frame as a complete single speed, so I didn't have that much work to do to get it how I wanted it. The frame is an old Avanti Super-Sprint, which pretty sweet lugs. The previous owner put in the time and effort to get it powder coated a beautiful white, and added some pretty stylish pin stripes. The black and white EMC2 seat goes perfectly with the colour scheme.

After the bike arrived, I started customising it straight away. Firstly, I removed the old pedals, and stuck on some Oddyssey twisted PVC pedals, from my old BMX. They are light pedals, but built strong to take a beating. Luckily, they were also black and white, so they fit the existing colour scheme. I stuck some Soma cages on them. It took a few little adjustments to get the fit right with the cages and straps on those pedals, as they are much wider than typical road pedals, but in the end we got the set-up right.

Next, I removed the old drop bars and stuck a simple straight bar on, which we chopped down. The old drop bars were pretty nice, but I'm an old BMXer, I just couldn't relate with the shape. I stuck my old SNAFU grips on the bars, with a pair of BMX brake levers I bought recently. I found that the straight bars gave the bike a much tidier appearance, and most importantly, they felt super natural for me to ride with. As this is my first attempt at riding fixed, and I live in a town with some massive hills, I decided to stick with both the front and rear brakes that came with the bike for now. However, after riding around last night, I think I have sufficient confidence to take the rear brake off, which I may do over the weekend.

The final touch to the bike was the complete wheelsets I purchased second hand. These are pretty sweet. When the wheels showed up on our door step, one of the guys I lived with lifted up the box and said "I think someone sent you an empty box." I took that as a wonderful sign. The hubs are Suzue high flang, and they look pretty smooth. The tyres that came with the wheels are Tufo tubular clinchers, super light and are very nice to ride on.

Cheers, Vidyapati