Dennis, Once again I must thank you for all of the up keep you do on Fixed Gear Gallery. This is my second submission, although this is my third fixed gear bicycle! My first submission, #5355, was sold to another happy owner in late 2007 when a career change took me away from the ability to bicycle commute. My second fixed gear, an EAI Brass Knuckle, is used for track racing at The Superdrome and is currently sitting in the garage awaiting the start of the 2009 racing season. Having recently changed jobs once again, I found myself with a wonderful opportunity to commute to work by bicycle! I started out looking to build up a Salsa Casserole or Soma Delancy, but then I found this excellent gem at one of the many LBSs.

This is Fuso #1020, a 53 cm creation of the wonderfully talented Dave Moulton! I had seen the bike hanging in the used section for about a month before I bothered looking it up online. Thanks to Wikipedia and Mr. Moulton's own website I learned that this is from 1987, and is a 30th Anniversary model. One ride had me in love, and I knew I needed to pick it up with the intention of a fixed gear conversion. The paint scheme is beautiful and something of an oddity compared to most current designs. The ride is classic steel, and feels wonderful on the road. This frame is so well constructed, it makes my carbon road bike seem almost unnecessary. I commuted for several months on the original equipment, late 80's Dura-Ace, before the cone bearings in the rear wheel made gliding nearly impossible and I decided to strip the bike the second week of January and completed the ground-up rebuild and conversion in a couple of hours.

I'm turning a 42 x 16, which I have found to be perfect for commuting, spin training and still provides me with excellent speed. I stuck with the Dura-Ace cranks and liquid smooth bottom bracket, and a Mavic Aksium wheel I had picked up to replace the original -whose cone bearings had bought the farm a month earlier. The rear wheel, an XRP creation, comes off my Brass Knuckle after two season of track racing. The Sella Italia seat, Campy Daytona front brake and Profile bar tape are off of a retired Pinarello Galileo, while the Chorus carbon seat post and hoods were salvaged off of a Fausto Coppi Neuron that was destroyed when I was hit head-on by a motorist in June 2008. My commute is 12 miles each way on typical, traffic congested Dallas roads so the Delta rack and Novara bag are great for carrying a change of clothes, lunch and any extra gear I'll need. For visibility I have installed a pair of Planet Bike Beamer headlights plus three tail lights, all set to blink in different, random ways. I had been running two tail lights, but after nearly being hit my another motorist a few days after my birthday, I decided to slap on a third. She was too busy writing an email on her phone to look up the road, and I'm only writing this today because her Lexus SUV was equipped with ABS.

Thanks again for all the inspiration, a day after completing this build I was already thinking about my next project!

Greg Sampson Plano, TX -- Boredom Fixerizer Device