Hey Dennis, I have built what I hope is the first and only wooden bike on the Fixed Gear Gallery, the Birch Bike. I designed and built every inch of it, from the geometry of the bike itself, to the rear dropouts, to the AD logo on the bead and seat tubes. The frame is solid birch, made from 1/8th inch strips of wood that I cut from raw lumber. There is a real seat tube, head tube and bottom bracket inserted into the frame to allow for actual parts to mate without issue, but they are hardly structural. From design to completion, it took almost a year, and 300-350 hours of work. The bike holds my weight just fine, and I've ridden it for fifty miles with the only problem being a flat tire. The frame weighs nine pounds, and the whole bike is around 22. It rides very smoothly because a) its wood and b) there is a lot of it. Although there may or may not be a market for bikes such as this, I have no desire to build them for profit: too much work, I'd rather continue with my education and go off to college next fall.

Thanks for posting this and all the others, Alan Downey Austin, Texas

For those interested:

More pictures of the bike are viewable here: http://susandowney.smugmug.com/gallery/7306016_Y2wPd#469858833_hSDuB

And more pictures of its construction are here: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2005568&l=2b464&id=1547820389