Hi Dennis,

My name is Ivo and here's my third submission. Inspired by all the hipstenger bikes out there. I really like the look of low-pro frames, wish mine was built for 650c up front! It is a Czech built Fort pursuit frame, 57 cm. 7005 alu with chromoly unicrown fork, powdercoated in Ral 6009. Headset is a Shimano 105 cartridge unit with a Reset adapter to fit the ahead fork.

Other components are Dia Compe Gran Compe hubs laced crow's foot to Deep V's, Shimano Alfine crank and BB combo which yields a chainline only .6 of a mm shy of the required 42. Butchered Brooks B-17 because it looks better this way and I was done with riding it on longer hauls, Brooks just isn't for me I guess.

Wippermann intrax 3/32", nickelplated chain connecting the 39 T ring to a 17 T On One alu cog. I must admit, I hate riding brakeless, but there really wasn't any other way I was going to build this frame up. No brake hole and unmachined Deep V's that I already had before I acquired the frame made this the way to go. It's also the reason why the gearing is so insanely low; too afraid I won't have it stopped in time. Haven't ridden it for more than two miles because of the crap weather. Don't really know what to do with it, probably won't be riding it much, besides I already have two other fixed gear bikes I ride regularly. Strangely also finding myself riding my geared, Campy equipped, steel Concorde more and more...

Greetings from Wageningen, the Netherlands!