Hi there, my name is Stefan and I live in Santa Fe, New Mexico. This is my first fixie as well as my first submission to the gallery. The bike was built a few months back by my very good friend David Bell, owner of Mellow Velo (mellowvelo.com), best bike shop in town. The theme was to built a classic, stylish and timeless fixie that looks great now and still will in twenty years. The bike is named "SPITZE", which is a german slang word to describe something that is the best or greatest. The basic components are: SOMA "Rush" frame and fork, "Hellyer" cranks and cut "El Torro" pursuit bar. IRD rims with SUZUE Pro-Max hubs and D.T. Swiss spokes and nipples. Chopped BROOKS Professional saddle and a NITTO Dynamic 626 seat post. SALSA Cromoly S.U.L. stem. MKS pedals, steel toe clips and leather toe straps. Gearing is 46/19 to master the big hills here in the mountains (Santa Fe is at 7000 feet and goes up from there). Thank you for a great gallery and all the inspirations. Cheers, Stefan