Hey Dennis, Love the site and all the fixies. I ride and live around Aiken, SC. I have been interested in pursuing a fixed gear since this past summer when my eye was drawn to a gorgeous restoration/rebuild-to-fixed gear bicycle hanging from my local bike shop's rafters (Andy Jordan's, Augusta, GA). In talking with Nate (shop mechanic and the fixie's owner/restorer) I asked if he could maybe build one up for me. He says, "Sure if you can get me a frame". I found an old Zeus mid-seventies bike for cheap from a coworker and gave it to Nate. He stripped it all down, checked it for rust, brazed on track dropouts, added water bottle mounts, rejuvenated chrome on the classic fork, and repainted the whole thing. I asked him to add his name on the down tube (very nice). He even added the Z on the head tube. Initially, I was a bit hesitant about the fixed concept. I kind of had to twist his arm to include a back break. He said, "It will ruin the nice clean lines". I suggested he take it inside the top tube and it might not look too bad. Taking that as a challenge of sorts, he agreed. Anyway, it's a great ride running a 48/17 that works nicely on our rolling terrain. Looking at the pics I kind of regret going with the back break, but then again if I ever flip the wheel over to the freewheel side I may be glad its there. It is still most stunning. Again, great site! It’s a real pleasure checking out everyone’s latest rides.