It is FINISHED! After many months of exhausted paychecks, my build is finally complete. The frame is a 2004 Vivalo factory re-painted with OCEAN decals in a two-tone paint scheme. It was picked up from a used fixed gear flea market in Shinjuku and have since gone through many parts until it is now where it is. Enjoy :]

Frame: Vivalo, factory re-painted with OCEAN decals Handlebar: Nitto B123AA Headset: Hatta Swan Super Deluxe Stem: Nitto NJ Pro AA Anodized black Rim: 32h Velocity Deep-V black/white Hub: Suzue Pro Max NJS (DISCO HUBS!) Chainring: Sugino 75 47t Cranks: Sugino 75 170mm Bottom Bracket: Sugino 75 Chain: Now Izumi Model V Seatpost: Nitto SP72 Jaguar Anodized black Saddle: San Marco Rolls Pedals: MKS Sylvan Track Toe clips: Soma Double Gate Strap: No name Tires: Gran Compe SS + Soma Everwear Grips: Dimension Track Grips

Conan Thai Garden Grove, CA