My name is Cameron Langsford and I am a keen triathlete from Auckland New Zealand.

This is a recent project I just finished, it is a converted Avanti Super Sprint road bike. Avanti is not that well know internationally but here in New Zealand it is a household name for quality and tradition.

The bike was completely stripped and ground down to the bare essentials, then powder coated Telecom green. It is running a weinman DP18 front wheel and a Halo Aerotrack rear with flip flop hub. Set up with 44T and 16T at the moment as I have to negotiate a few hills on the way to work. Auckland was built on a series of volcanoes, so it is pretty impossible to get a flat ride to anywhere. The bike has the original front brake lever and caliper in case of emergency while commuting into work.

Bike parts are notoriously expensive here in New Zealand, mainly because of the share distance imported goods have to travel not to mention how many hands they have to pass to before they get to the end user. Everyone clips the ticket on the way through. I've spent a fair bit of time getting bits and pieces shipped from overseas to complete this and another of other projects.

Awesome guys, thanks for the chance to submit this.