Great website Ė just completed this rebuild from a £50 eBayer into a = Flip Flop Fixed Single.

Raleigh Scorpio - Started out weighing in at 13kilo or 28.8 English = pounds and ended up as 10.6kilo or 23.6 English pounds. Thatís a saving of = 5.2 pounds of 2 and half bags of Sugar in the UK.

Now runs Fixed and Flip Flop single Speed Ė New Mach Omega Wheels on = Track Hubs, Shimano 105 Calipers, Charge Spoon Seat in a rather natty non = black, Weiman Dual Levers all Alloy and shiny although the drop bars leave grey metal on your hands so might have to tape em up. May go for top bar = levers but like the options so far. SIS rubbish removed and trashed Ė witness = box of bits.

De badged which took hours with Gunk and Rags, ground off excess metal = lugs, other than that itís a stock 20 year old Raleigh in original Purple = and Silver paint that hadnít seen much use first time around by the looks = of it.

Works a treat and only took me a week from start to finish.

Cheers Jonathan

Cheshire, England.