I rode this Miyata 'Ninety' (bottom-of-the-line and heavy) '10-Speed' for years with gears but they fell off. It has the original Araya front wheel, BB, chain-rings and cranks. Thanks to The Hub LBS in Roseville Calif. USA (though they laughed at me for using 30-weight for chain lube) for the flip-flop hub rear wheel with Alexrims R450 rim and CST Czar 700x23C tire. Gear ratio is 42x15 fixie and 42x18 SS. Parts-bin BMX stem, bar and 1 brake lever, seat post, pedals and generic antique center-pull rear brake. The other brake lever is an antique Dia-Compe I put in a vice. Parts-bin Dia-Compe front side-pull brake. Comfy Serfas E-gel seat (with BELL sticker!) and antique Pletscher book rack. The grips I made from old inner tubes wrapped in electrical tape. (Yes, I am aged and cheap.) The bike is still heavy but very smooth. No gears are necessary in my part of town and I am getting stronger. Paid $100USD for the bike 2 years ago and $219USD for parts and labor to convert. The puppy is named Gertrude, Queen of Denmark but we call her Gertie. tod_germanica@gmail.com