Hi Dennis! Doru here, from *Bucharest, Romania*. aka *"GettoTrack"* in our *FxD Syndicate* It's been 2 years now since I got fixed for good! The town changed from that point.. This is my 2nd fixie. But by far my most precious! *LOSA* frame. I converted it 2008 July. Ex-TTbike, too small for me as such, but perfect as a fixie! Round-carved drivewheel tube. Superbe details. Very silent, subtle Losa engravings in the fork, bb, back seatpost tubes. Satin white - corfu blue, imperceptible gradient grain. No decals. SHE's not my first built, that's a custom Fredy Ruegg 63cm I built last spring.That's my size.. I'll submit that also soon.Got soo tired of hearing these "such a pitty for this road frame" that it made me also convert my beloved Gianni Losa immediately! It only happend one night. The experiece from Ruegg proved! Only bought rims and tires. No brakes. And.. voila' ! That very night she was ready for the ride. I use 39x16 for the simple reason that I enjoy fast cadences and quick starts. Enhances some sort of a ..desperado mood! The List goes like this:Giani LOSA /columbus CRMo 54cm handmade frame // Campy Record hi flange pista hubs, cog /Campy Chorus BB, headset, chainset,chainring, chainring bolts / Athena seatpost / SanMarco Phobos seat / Point Mask Mk918 chain / 3TTT stem / ITM self-modified TTbar with 5LED light / 105 pedals / Remerx Taurus rims / DT spokes / Hutchinson/Michelin Dynamic, Schwalbe Stelvio tires/ "A li'l less conversation, a li'l more *track*tion" ! Thanks Dennis, Keep it UP !
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