FREDY RUEGG Hi again Dennis! *Doru* here, aka *"GettoTrack"* from *FxD Syndicate / Bucharest, Romania* This is My ULTIMATE URBAN beast.. short bar, long 180 Campagnolo Strada cranck, which feels like riding Devil itself! Makes way through the most narrow traffic situation.. Adapted 600 brake lever for finger breaking! 44x17 ratio Campagnolo Record track hub-rear, Mirage front/Remerx rims/Bontrager 120 gr seat, forgot the model.. ........ It also goes well with the music in my ears. Now really, it's Bucharest and this town is.. something else!! Totally stucked traffic, f*ked4good drivers. NY messengers should talk here! We have no pro messengers, just some bikers in a disturbed metropolis, no fixed gear community whatsoever .. We're trying to build a "FxD Syndicate". Three of us fixed friends riding daily for two years now couldn't make much difference.. Few admire, many talk but never join the 'syndicate'. At the time I built my Ruegg, I only met a guy in other town Tg Mures messengering on a fixed huge MTB ..tank. But no old school brakeless fixie in the hole country. I even asked velodrome champions! We're riding Losa, Colnago Mexico, Fredy Ruegg, Koga Myiata, Chesini Criterium, Feru Pista, Mondia We're all professional photographers <>. Doru, Iulius and Mihai. Nice job, Dennis! Heil FGG! Keep it up! Visit us: <goog_1262607476203>** <goog_1262607476203>* <goog_1262607476203>** <goog_1262607476203>* <goog_1262607476203>* <goog_1262607476203>** <goog_1262607476203>* <>*