Hello, I really like your website, very good job !

My text:

"Hi, I'm Maxime from France (North of Brittany), I have started riding = my bike one year ago.


Frame: Peugeot track frame 55 (a bit small for me)

Fork: Colnago Precisa

Wheels: Front= Maillard high flange, rear=Miche primato hub x ambrosi= o

Tyres: Michelin speedium

Crankset: Mich primato (46x17)

Stem+seat post: unknown

Pedals: look keo

Chain: Miche

saddle: San Marco rolls

Brake: sach

Bar: Nitto RB021 x tresostar

Brake lever: Promax

Very fun to ride! I'm building my second fixed gear (Mbk racing road frame)= .

Thank you for this amazing site !"

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