Here's my 2nd fixie, an American Eagle. It's a pre-1975 58cm chromo steel frame Nishiki, which the company called American Eagle for a while before it was realized that imported Japanese bikes probably should have Japanese names. Shimano 16-spoke front wheel, Alexrims rear flip/flop with no freewheel, Serfas gel seat, chopped BMX bars for that desired 'Geezer' riding position. Front and rear brakes so I don't crash so much. 34-tooth chainring and 14-tooth cog. Most of the parts came from dismantling my 1st fixie. I got the frame from Craigslist for $40. I find it costs me $300-350 USD to build a single-speed or fixie in spite of using scrounged and used parts. The dog's name is Gertrude, Queen of Denmark (Gertie). Thanks for the fine website. Always wear your helmet.