At the risk of being accused of heresy, this could be the bike that does ev= erything. Fixed, & tough for Bristol's mean streets, but no flighty hipster= shit (can be left locked up in town!). Sure, I've been alley catting on it= , but also escorted a primary school ride & brought the fixie bullshit back= to polo (they tried to convince me to play freewheel; didn't improve my ga= me TBH). See the two gears on the back? that's my audax wheel (yeah, I'd do= a 100k audax on this too), so there's only 1 tooth difference, but on my p= olo wheel I run 18 & 15 cogs, gives 50" for polo & 61" for town. Geometry i= s nice & tight, but there's clearance for 35mm CX tyres. Goes well off road= , but I'll concede wider bars might be useful, & on the slimier, leafier tr= ails some got jammed under the brake! All round great bike-thanks Charlie T= he Bikemonger, my LBS Strada & the good ol' Bike Jumble!


Bristol, England