Hello guys,we are a few people from= Saxony in Germany. We call ourselves RetroRiders.This= are our bikes: -The golden-green one is a Diamant= from 1980 and it's mostly equipped with new parts,= only the frame            =                 =           and the cranks are ori= ginal, most parts are secondhand or cheap parts. Its a = 26er. Love riding it, its fast        = ;                =            to accelerate. So= rry for the cellotape at the backlight, looks a bit cur= ious but I got no holder for this light. =                 =             -The black one= with the white tires is an old MiFa bicycle from= the seventies.New parts: dropbars, stem,  =                 =               fork, tire= s, saddle, wheels. The paint isn't original. It's a= very agile bike.         = ;                =     -The black ladies' bike is also= a Diamant. Paint also isn't the original one. New = parts: saddle, tires.Really enjoy your site! Great= Work!