Hi fixed gear, Good morning,

Per your request for GIRLS bikes, this is my ride; I took the picture on Sa= turday. I'm from Israel and the picture was taken in Tel Aviv beach. I bought this frame 10 years ago, and the bicycle went through a lot of cha= nges since. I love them as they are now. I had made a lot of effort to keep the old Campagnolo wheel as I love the s= ound of it. It was a huge effort to make it single speed with the wide whit= e chain. At the end we found a kit that fitted the wheel and chain. The original plan was to have just the TT brake, but added additional brake= levers for safety so ended up with 4... All this was not possible without my husband help as I have no idea about t= he technical part; I have made him crazy with my requests to keep everythin= g white and keep the old wheel.

I follow you on Facebook and enjoy your posts (you can find me orit.arny)

Cheers, Orit Arny

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