From: To: Subject: Matt Harris' Tempe Knight - Tempe, Arizona Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2013 03:52:58 +0000

Hi, I'm from Tempe, Arizona and I would love it if you could post my fixed ge= ar onto Fixed Gear Gallery. I bought this bike completely stock from State Bicycle in Tempe about three= years ago (green rims with yellow bars). Since then I've slowly customized= it to my liking and have had a great time doing it. My latest work on it was completely painting the frame and aerospoke matte = black, which was a little scary since it was the first paint job I've eve= r done. I also added the Nitto RB 0-21 bars which are great cruising bars. = I'm in need of a new lighter frame since the current one is heavy as hell. Hope you like. =