Found this late 80s Diamond Back Ascent Ex in an alley trash pile behind a = friend's house. My first vision for it was a 2-speed retro-direct (last 2 p= hotos), but once the snow started falling and I began relying on my backwar= ds, low gear to help me creep through the slush and ice, my bottom bracket = cup and pedals started un-threading themselves. The retro-direct drive trai= n was always a little janky, anyways, plus Sir Sheldon Brown always talked = about loving his low-geared fixie for snow-riding, so it didn't take too lo= ng (and only one wipe-out on ice) before I began planning its next incarnat= ion.

It wasn't the cheapest conversion, but I figured since I'm committing to co= mmuting through the winter (rather than buying a car) it's justifiable.

Before I even "fixed" it, I got a set of Schwalbe Marathon Winter carbide-s= tudded tires from Mark at Saturday Cycles in SLC. These things are incredib= le.

I have to thank another Mark and the rest of the guys at Universal Cycles i= n Portland for the nice rear wheel build. They got it built and shipped out= with the rest of the goodies in no time.

The build-up is as follows: Dimension 34t alloy chainring All City fixed/free rear hub Soma 16t track cog All City lockring Sram 8-speed chain

I'm using the original cranks from the biopace crankset that came on the bi= ke. I added a tektro long reach rear brake when I had it as a retro-direct = (because the original chain stay mounted brakes interfered with the chain r= outing).

The bars are old chrome 3-speed style flipped over for what I like to think= of as a Passive-Aggressive stance. The rear rack and fender are from an ol= d Schwinn with 27" wheels, not sure what the front fender came off of, but = it had 27" wheels, too. And the Persons saddle… definitely not a Brooks, = but I bought it on a budget (I'll just save for a little longer next time) = and it's perfect for a bike I leave chained up out in the weather, so it al= l worked out.

Stay warm out there guys. Sincerely, Thomas Key Elko, Nevada<>[cid:70AA= F34C-1158-4177-9428-7DE531FC82DD@domain.invalid][cid:B1BDC4C1-87F6-488A-80F= F-B9D47FB8FA97@domain.invalid][cid:5486CCE8-71F8-4049-B1B0-192290AC9E24@dom= ain.invalid][cid:37CFE46A-C7D2-478D-9F06-1E01F629F3EB@domain.invalid]