This is my daily a 2012 Jamis Sputnik. I got the bike after my knee surgery last July. My doctor said since there is no cartilage left in my left knee, running is not a good exercise for me. After losing 25+ pounds and the knee getting stronger, I flipped the wheel around to the fixed side. The stock Alex wheels and Formula hub couldn't handle 220 pounds coming to a halt without the brakes. The rear cog literally shot off the hub. I had the Velocity wheel built for the rear with an All-City hub. On my fifth ride, still running brakeless, the cog slipped off again, damaging the threads!

At this time I ordered a White Industries hub/cog and had it laced to the same green Deep V. I also had a fully polished Deep V built for the front. I am running a front brake for now just in case I have any more issues. So far so good. The hub seems to be bullet proof. The Velocity wheels have held up on the Baltimore streets and my 220 pounds. The bike goes wherever I go. The last two pics are from the harbor in Buffalo, NY.

The bike will travel with me to Boston, Chicago and New York City this summer.

I want to give a big shout out to Baltimore Bicycle Works for building these wheels with the upmost quality and car. Thanks.

Sam Baltimore, MD