Thanks for the great website, it's an inspiration to fixie riders and builders around the world. Originally built as an early 1990's (?) hybrid bike with 26" steel semi-knobby wheels and 10 gears, I bought the Raleigh Horizon Citysport for $45 at a flea market. Parts were what I had hanging from the garage rafters or in my parts bin. Shimano sealed BB and 16-spoke 700x23c front wheel; rear is an AlexRims R450 flip/flop with a 16-tooth fixed cog and no freewheel. Extra tall quill stem and tall swoopy moustache handlebars from a previous build are used for that arthritic 62 year old neck. The seat is a comfy Huffy spring steel one I stole from a friend (thanks Gabe). Brakes are anachronistic Weinman center-pulls from the late '60's perhaps (maybe sitting in my parts bin since then too). The brake caliper arms were too long because of the larger wheels so I made a 'lift' front and back to raise the brake arms higher. I also fabricated the center-pull brake terminators. Fuji 4-bolt cranks with a 44-tooth MCS chain-ring transmit power. Not a lot of information is available about this line of Raleighs on the web. Decal says 410 steel tubing but again there is nothing much about it. From the bike's weight (26 lbs.) I would say it's probably 'hi-tensile' tubing and not chromoly. The build was easy and the chain-line close enough. It's geared a bit higher than I am used to but is maneuverable, smooth and fast (for a fixie). This is the cheapest and easiest fixie I've ever assembled and probably the prettiest.