Hello FGG,

Here's Wasted Gears's build #4, a raw restomod of a "steamy" [steam punki= sh?] Steyr. The donor bike was a ~60s era Austrian-made Steyr “Clubman”= 10 speed, the base model/bottom of the line for Austro-Daimler by Puch= , or so say the forums. The major original components include(d): French-= made Rigida rims (with knurled sidewall - they sound great upon braking),= Swiss-made Weinmann brakes (center pull & doing the job with one), Simpl= ex shifters (scrapped - again, "Wasted Gears!"), and an Italian-made Re= gina 5 Speed Gran Sport freewheel (sold) . . .which makes this a definite E= uropean bike.

I was influenced by Shinya Kimura’s “Zero = Nothing” style, which is in turn influenced by a Wabi Sabi philosophy o= f, “beauty = that is imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete." I was also going for a= "genderfxxk" style given that it is a "female"/step-through/open frame wit= h what many consider to be "masculine" traits (haha). Beyond that my genera= l build philosophy is: 1) add = for function, strip for style, and 2) buy new sh*t only when you can’= t fix what you already have. There was lots of sanding, cutting, and th= rowing away, of both steel & wood (grips). Everything was rebuilt, incl= uding replacing and repacking the loose-ball bearings in the hubs, headse= t, and bottom bracket. With the wheels trued & the new springy leather sa= ddle this thing is riding smooth again. Though I still prefer the uncovered= steel frame saddle that I cut & polished, my girlfriend (who will also b= e riding this) didn't agree. haha Overall I learned a lot in the process. I= find building bikes to be primarily an exercise in problem = solving. Some things worked, some didn't (running a rear brake cable inte= rnally; got it through but too many severe bends/too much friction . . .p= erhaps next time on a non-open frame). A build a summer until death sounds = like a good goal to me. : )

Anyway, I could talk about this bike forever but I'll leave it with some = pics of the process for those interested in that sort of minutia: http://s3= 4.photobucket.com/user/KSA_1986/library/Build%204 - Nick // Inland Empire, CA =