Great site. I 'd like to have my bike posted, and I hope these pics are alright- I know they were taken indoors, so if they're very much a problem, I can re-take them outdoors. If these are ok, though, here's the blurb I'd like:
"This is my new-to-me vintage Davidson track bike. Davidson, I hear, is an English custom frame builder, and judging by the half-cm sizing (54.5cm top tube and seat tube), I'd imagine it is definitely a custom. I got it from someone in Washington state, who got it from Jennie Reed's father. Jennie was a world track champion and record holder (200 meter sprint in under 12 seconds, I've read). It's a gem to ride. Smooth as can be and responsive like no other fix I've ever ridden. I'm going to be using it as my all-purpose bike, and going to keep it brakeless. That's how it was designed, and I'd rather not deface it. I'm running at present a 50/15, but am considering kicking that down to a 50/18 just so I have less trouble stopping in an emergency and so I can manage the bridges here in NYC.
Here are the specs: ~ 54.5cm top tube (c-c) ~ 54.5cm seat tube (c-c) ~ 130mm and 110mm stems ~ 165mm crank (151 BCD) ~ 50T chainring ~ 15T cog ~ Campy Record components (!!) ~ American Classic seatpost ~ Mavic Reflex w/ Conti Sprinter 250 - rear wheel ~ Macic GL 330 rim - front wheel "
Thanks so much, and I look forward to hearing back form you if all is well, and seeing my bike up there! Rob raa242@nyu.edu