Not a bike, or fixed...

This is Katy writing. An email showed up in my box titled Craftsman Genius. Well, that's intriguing. Seemed to be all photos. As you can see, photos of a pretty cool vehicle. There wasn't a lot of information about this interesting "trike", so I replied to the sender, Gianpaolo Torrasso, asking for more information.

Here it is: The builder is Leonardo Leuci, who lives in a small town in Italy called Saluggia---it's near Turin. Leonardo worked for Benotto in the 1980s, welding bike frames and even went to Mexico to teach welding in Benotto's facility there. Now he runs a bike shop in Saluggia.

This project was begun in the 80s with an eye toward human-powered speed records, but was only lately completed. It has 3 700C wheels, the 2 front ones steer. 3 chains, and 5 gears, with a 46 front sprocket and rear 13-32. Currently, it has one brake on the rear, but it could have 3 disc brakes. The frame is made from Columbus steel tubes and the body of fiberglass. Gianpaolo pointed out that carbon fiber would also be appropriate for the body, but expensive! One can open the front spoiler for ventilation, and there are Venturi openings on the sides for more.

I'm told there are more interesting projects in the works. Maybe Leonardo and Gianpaolo will share them.

Ride fast and far ...
katy and dennis