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I got this eMail the other day............

Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2006 19:13:30 -0800
From: John Bognet
Subject: Cool Project for your site.

I found this online.
I think it's great, and in the spirit of fixer tinkerers.
Everyone can use one of these on their bike.
Please put it up in the tech articles or somewhere if u can!
Jon Thanks for the inspiration Jon, I gathered up some small tools that I had and here's a cyclist's version of that neat Frield and Stream article.


Mini 6 - 5 metric hex plus phillips.
T allen includes 2 spoke wrenches.
Chain breaker.
Spare master link.
Spare stem or water bottle bolt.
Presta-Schrader valve adapter.
Mini tire lever with 12" adhesive tape.
3 patches, sandpaper, glue.
Two band-aids.
Small cotton rag.

Not included, but could:
Hand cleaner packet.
Coupla caps of Ibuprofen.
Coupla caps of Benadryl.

Anything else you can suggest?