Here are a few shots of my new KHS. One on the Light Rail Transit corridor (which is currently a bike path) in Hopkins, MN. The other two in downtown Minneapolis across from a "famous landmark". I took them on my ride today 12/29/02 as you can see we no longer have winter in this part of Minnesota. If you would like to put any or all of them up I would like that. I went to the Hard Times Café on the west bank for a couple cups of coffee. That gives me about a 30 mile ride round trip. A nice afternoon ride. Anyway The Hard Times is the center of the Punk / Bike culture in Minneapolis. Sometimes there are as many as 75 to 100 Fixies, Single Speeds and Tall Bikes chained up to the Fence, Street signs, Parking meters, Etc. outside the place. I had hoped to get some good shots there But only 10 or 15 bikes were on hand this afternoon so I will try some other time When It's busy. Got to get the owners in the pics also to get a sense of the place. (Not so sure about a middle age guy asking 20 YO's to pose with their bikes particularly girls J but without the Tattoos Piercing's and grunge dress it won't be the same.)

I got the KHS in Sept. from Harris Cyclery in MA. (Sheldon Browns shop). When I called to order a Bike from Minneapolis they said "A whole bike?" But the service was great. They had to order the frame so it took a couple weeks to get it and they kept me informed about what was going on the whole time. Now I can tell people Sheldon Brown built my bike even though I'm sure he didn't. I took all the Decals off except the Harris Cyclery sticker. I have put small mounts for a rear flasher and a Road Toad style headlight on it otherwise I have left it alone so far. Oh yea I already wore out the back tire so that's new also. Well I didn't exactly "wear it out" but that's another story. I think I want pursuit bars for it. That's why I have the bars tilted up so far now but haven't decided yet. The Gearing is 48 / 16 or about 84 inches. I thought that might be too tall when I ordered it but it only took a couple of weeks to get used to it. The only hill I can't get up so far is the one I live on. But it is truly a 1 in 1 for about 2 blocks, Cars have trouble getting up it. Everyone always asks me about going up hills but as we all know downhill is the real thrill on these. I love this bike. I have hardly been on any of my other bikes since I got it and I ride daily to commute Etc. I hardly ever drive a car. (Only 3 times since July.) This is the stiffest bike I have ever ridden. That's not a complaint I love stiff bikes. It's so stiff that if you have a firm grip on the bars when you hit a bump sometimes you're hands hurt like when you hit a Baseball funny.

Anyway I love this gallery and hope you put my bike in it.

Thanks, Darrell Berg, Eden Prairie, MN