Here is my contribution for your excellent gallery. It is a Motobecane Nobly. It is of unknown age, but must be an entry level mild steel model as it weighs 26 lb. Slippery Pig Bike Shop in Phoenix, AZ put it together for me from a frame one of the guys gave me because it was too small for him. This really is the working class fixie. Cost me some spare parts I had laying around plus $200 out of pocket for the pieces I had to buy and for Val to put it all together. Wheels are Quando hubs with a Weinman 219 front and a Sun SW6000 rear, with Serfas Seca 27x 1 1/4 100psi tires. Gearing is 39/16, using the Nervar cottered crank that came with the frame and a Surly cog. It could use a new chainring, but I haven't been able to find a replacement. Frame is about 53 cm set up with Brooks saddle and grips, no-name stem and bar, Gripper pedals, Tektro Sabre brake. With the relaxed frame, raked out fork and spring saddle, this is one cushy ride without being too flexy. I mounted the Zounds air horn for commuting. It will clear your sinuses and get the attention of most drivers.
Again, I hope you post a couple of my pictures. It would be great to be on your site. Thanks for a great site. Loren Braud -