Dennis… Love your site. Could look all day.
Here's the Peugeot PX 10 that I purchased new in 1971. To go fixed, I had all extraneous bits removed (including the derailleur hanger), sprayed it black, and mounted standard drop bars. Sometime mid-2003 my son was extolling the virtues of the "roadster" style bike he owned a couple years ago in China. He claimed these roadsters operate on SMILE POWER. The story is, being so pleasant to ride, they just glide along seemingly powered by your good mood and the wide grin on your face. It sounded so appealing that I decided to try it out. I can now report - SMILE POWER WORKS! And of course, being fixed makes it even better. My happy feet turn 42X16 gears through a Surly Fixxer conversion rolling on the wonderful 700X28 Panaracer Messenger tires. Other points of contact include Northroad handlebars and a double-rail spring saddle mounted using a Seat Sandwich. Rounding all this out are the mudguards, rear rack, and LED lighting. Next I'd like to find an appropriate chainguard so I can skip the pants-clip, and a small leather or canvas tool bag to hang on the seat tabs. Here’s smilin’ atcha!!! Mark Brauer -