walkway bricks
cleaning up the brickpile from where I stacked them in 1976
old Crusader in shed
raku kiln - built in April 2003
raku kiln

Construction Photos
10 cu ft propane-fired crossdraft kiln construction
floor and flue/burner ports
floor and flue/burner ports
floor and flue/burner ports
floor and flue/burner ports
starting chimney/damper slot
damper slot
bag wall & burner ports
chimney flue
finishing damper slot
in-floor flue and chimney
leveling the first few courses
arch and framework
burner port side
bag wall not stacked yet
rear showing possible future soda port
front quarter view
regulator & gauge
30 ga steel cover
Arch const: 4 1/2" hard, 4 1/2" soft, 2" FibreFrax
bases for burners (half conc. block & anchor bolts)
burner nozzles (5/64" orifice = 135,000 btu at 4# propane)
propane tank
finishing piping
front bricked in (4 1/2" hard, 4 1/2" soft)
rear view
front (I broke down and bought a new Fluke Model 52
completed burners - 2" Alfred w/ moveable bases
completed regulator and gauge
shut-off valve
frame const, steel shell
steel shell 9/10/11

First firing to be last week of September, 2004
December 5th firing (3rd firing)
partially stacked
pyrometer, door
the tarp has served well
near cone 10
ports plugged

december 15th - shed built for $200, removable side panels
finally shed built
another view
corner construction
chimney hole
SW corner
west side
just nice to be inside

a few pots from this last firing
2 teabowls
desert bowl set